November 7, 2009

Simple Cooking

I've increasingly found that great food really is driven by great ingredients. Most of the food that we eat tastes mediocre because the ingredients are mediocre and often doused with salt, butter and sugar to mask that fact.

I'm sure that i'll make it again and post pictures soon, but one of the best ways that i've found to make chicken is to take it with the bones and skin on it, dry it and season with salt and pepper and then simply put them in the oven for a little while. It comes out juicy, the skin is crisp and it really lets the taste of the chicken come out to shine.

Ditto with fish. Any time i've ever tried to get too 'cute' with fish - it turns out like crap. A little bit of oil in the pan, salt and pepper a nice cut of fish for a few minutes each side and voila - delicious.

Complex flavors can be developed in sauces and within dishes through combinations of simple great ingredients but it should all revolve around those great ingredients and letting them shine. I think that this more than anything else has influences my cooking as of late. Well, thats with the exception of really starting to work on some of those classic french sauce preparations but that's for another post..

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